Founded in 1951, Krishan Products is India's leading manufacturer and exporter of Premium quality Incense Sticks and Accessories. With over 50 years of rich experience in Incense making, we feel joyous in bringing you the most exotic range of Incense Sticks Products with appealing packaging and competitive prices, you expect from India.

Currently , our exclusive line of Incense Products have been exported to diverse countries across continents and in addition to a well satisfied list of existing customers, we are continuously expanding horizon for our Products. At Krishan Products, our efforts and dedication are mirrored in the exquisite quality of our Incense products. Our Incense brands are built on consumer needs and expectations, offering exceptional quality, appealing packaging designs and value, which together has made us the most "sought-after" destination for all Incense needs.


Mission Statement :
Krishan Product' strives to offer "Unique" and "Appealing" Incense Products. We take utmost care in selecting each and every Product we come out with, making sure our customers and end user

gets the required satisfaction from its usage. To fulfill this mission, successive generations have been personally involved in the critical areas of Incense manufacturing, `Fragrance Creation', materials management and operations. At Krishan Products, customer defines the way we work and we pride ourselves in being a 100% customer focused company. This lends our Incense Products, that often missing element of "Personal Touch". Our employees are also our extended family, lending their own unique efforts to fulfill this dream set by our founders.